Wees je eigen psycholoog: Visualisatie verzet bergen en helpt je goals bereiken!

Bijna al je dromen of goals zitten in je hoofd en je denkt er elke dag aan! Hier een manier om je dromen of goals makkelijk te bereiken!

Collect your dreams not only in your head , write ore draw down your dreams & keep them safe i a privat & comfort #place. But make sure you can look at it every day…

After a time, when you just look, you feel enthousiast and more en more the need to read them! to reach this feeling it takes time from day s weeks, mounts ore a year.

don’t feel rushed, you will know 100% if you are to read your goals again. Some goals go very deep , heeling a trauma or convince yourself to quit with your addiction. So again, take your time!

The first time i look for mounts every day from the sofa. There were days i only cryed looking at it. And days i felt happy that i could look to a pretty handmade bowl with my goals’.

->!! BUT no matter how i felt i learned to accepted that the feeling was there happy ore not happy!!

You don’t know how? Sometime it helps when you do a meditation with affermations to embrase and accept your emotion!
When the time feels right you read your goals again, you will see that some goals are already halfway done ore you are ready for the next step to reach your goal!

Remember when it is a trauma the emotions go deep, so do not aspect big change, but some feelings can feel lighter ore you got answers to questions you could not answer before. Ore mabye now you do have the will and power to quit your addiction.

I Wish you good luck testing & let universum amaze you 😍🎁♥️♥️🌐



2 gedachten over “Wees je eigen psycholoog: Visualisatie verzet bergen en helpt je goals bereiken!

  1. 😘😘 samen staan we nog sterker ♥️♥️


  2. nieuweaarden

    Wederom een mooi stukje geschreven. Ik spreek uit ervaring maar het klopt. Hou van je mama💕


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